Tutor FAQs

How do I register to become a tutor?

It’s easy. Simply click on “Become a Tutor” or “Tutoring Jobs.” Fill out the STRIPE registration form as instructed. After you have registered and paid the small registration fee (see below), you will receive a confirmation email with your receipt and your Membership username/password. This will allow you to access the “Tutor Member Login” area where you can immediately begin building your “Profile Page.” Please be as detailed as possible when building your “Profile Page.” Parents and/or students will be reading your profile and this is your chance to tell them about yourself and about your qualifications. Your detailed profile will immediately be entered into our database and parents/students will be able to see your information including education, qualifications, experience, location, comments, and the subjects you’ve listed.

How many subjects can I choose to tutor?

Technically, you can select as many subjects as you are qualified for. However, you want parents to take you seriously so please do not select subjects unless you have relevant tutoring experience, education, and/or qualifications in that field. The more subjects you choose, the more parent contacts you will receive.

What is the registration fee and what are the payment options?

The registration fee is only $19.99/year. Can you afford the equivalent of $1.67/month for a potentially endless supply of students? Most tutoring directories charge upwards of $85/year for membership. Not us. We only accept credit card and/or debit card payments. Secure payments are conducted in real time and can be made by clicking the “PAY NOW” button at the bottom of the “Become a Tutor” page. All major credit cards are accepted. We only charge $19.99 because we have a large database of busy tutors and we are very popular with parents all over the U.S. This small registration fee almost ALWAYS pays for itself after just one tutoring session!

Do I have to renew my registration after the 1 year expiration date?

No. After one year you will be rebilled unless you decide to cancel your Membership in our Tutors Directory. Please realize you can cancel your Membership at any time. To cancel your subcription, re-visit your Welcome Email receipt and follow the link to cancel your subscription (you will be directed to a Stripe cancellation page). Your current *Profile Page* will remain active until your one-year membership ends, even if you cancel your subscription before then.

How much can I expect to earn using "The Find a Tutor Network"?

How much you earn is entirely up to you. We collect NO MONEY from you after you pay the small registration fee. Every cent you earn goes to you. Parents will pay you directly. You set your own hourly rates, which will be visible to parents in your Profile. Beginning tutors and college students usually charge around $20/hour while more advanced, professional tutors can charge as high as $60+/hour for their services. Also, physics tutors may charge more than a 6th grade basic math tutor. So, the subjects being tutored also figure in to how much you’d like to charge. Notice that just one session covers the $19.99 registration fee!

What can I do to get more students? Should I update my profile?

You may update and save your profile as many times as you’d like. Simply go to “Tutor Login,” enter your “Username” and “Password”, and follow the instructions to update your Profile. To get more students, you might want to enlarge your geographic tutoring area by choosing a more common nearby zip code, or select more subjects. We recommend that after your first tutoring session with a student, you schedule a second meeting right then and there. This prevents unnecessary “phone-tag” with parents. It helps to constantly update/modify your *Profile Page*. To do so, simply login to your *Profile Page* and make any edits that you’d like. We find that uploading a picture (it need not be your face) makes parents/students more comfortable when contacting you. You might also try experimenting with different hourly rates too.

How many students will I receive for the initial $19.99 registration fee?

It varies. Remember though, it only takes ONE student to cover the small registration fee. Some tutors receive multiple parent contacts within the first week of registering, while unfortunately other tutors may only receive one or two contacts per month. The only real way to find out is to sign up and give it a try. Afterall, the fee averages out to only $1.67/month! There are no limits to the number of tutoring requests you may receive: we do not cap the amount of tutoring requests per member.

What happens if I don't receive any parent/student contacts?

This is very unlikely. Our database of tutors is searched by many thousands of parents/students each month. We are certain you will receive tutoring requests during your yearlong membership subscription.

I prefer parents/students to contact me by email only. Is this okay?

When signing up to become a tutor, a valid email address is required but a phone number is not required. When designing your Tutor “Profile Page” you can elect not to display your phone number. Obviously you will have to display either your email address or your phone number, or both. Otherwise, how will parents contact you? :-)

What is my Username and/or Password? How do I retrieve my lost User/Pass?

If you can’t remember your “Username,” navigate to the login area of our website and click on the “Forgot Password” link. Your password will be emailed to you instantly. Of course, you can always email us as well.

What if I don't have a car and would prefer to meet with my students somewhere close to where I live?

While "The Find a Tutor Network" endorses live, in-person, one-on-one tutoring in the student’s own home, online tutoring options are available. In your Profile, simple choose that you are available for online tutoring via email or IM. Please be aware that you must be willing to conduct in-person tutoring with your students. A car is not required to be a busy and effective tutor: in fact, most tutoring occurs in the student’s own home, or at a nearby place in common such as a coffee shop or public library.

How is this tutoring directory better than other tutoring directories?

Unlike other tutoring directory sites, our primary goal is not to make money. In fact, the $19.99/year is the lowest you will find ANYWHERE, and we only charge tutors this small fee because it prevents malicious hackers from infiltrating our secure login area. We also need the proceeds to purchase Google, Bing, and Yahoo advertising. This is how we drive 45000+ parents/students to FindaTutorNetwork.com each month. Our mission was to create a high-volume website where thousands of tutors and thousands of parents/students all over the nation can find each other in a matter of minutes. Think of us as the “Yellow Pages,” where students can find tutors. Get contacted by a student today, and start tutoring tomorrow!

Are there any specific qualifications or requirements to work as a tutor?

No. If you are knowledgeable in a subject and feel that you are capable of helping students, then you will find a plentiful amount of work as a member of our Tutoring Directory. There are NO specific requirements or certifications required to become a busy member of our Tutoring Directory, however you should be prepared to “qualify yourself” to all of the parents/students who will be contacting you.

Can F-1 international students work as tutors?

We suggest that you contact your university or college with this question. Often tutors on student visa are allowed to work on-campus, so you might be able to meet your tutees at the campus library or the campus coffee shop.

I just paid for a membership, but I was never given a username and password. How do I register and build my *Profile Page*?

After signing up via our Stripe registration page, you will receive two emails. One is simply your receipt. The other is your “Welcome Email” which contains your temporary username/password and login instructions on how to build your *Profile Page*.

Do I need to bring my own materials with me when tutoring?

No. Students will have their own materials (HW, study guides, worksheets, books, etc).