Since 2010 the “Find a Tutor Network” has helped hundreds of thousands of parents and students find highly qualified tutors for 1-on-1 in-person tutoring. 

Reviews and Testimonials

The following testimonials are unpaid reviews from satisfied tutors who are pleased with our services.

Tutor #1

“The parents who have contacted me for tutoring have always paid on time, and so far I’ve earned a nice amount of money working about 5 hours per week.” – Jennifer D.

Tutor #2

“I signed up to be a tutor because the idea of simply checking my email for tutoring requests seemed really simple/easy. It’s been a lot more productive for me than when I used to post my ‘tutor for hire’ ads on Craigslist.” – Nhung N.

Tutor #3

“This company has been fabulous for me. I’ve had little to no problem picking up students to tutor. My specialty is algebra and Spanish, and since these are popular HS subjects, I get contacted all the time by parents. Sometimes the students themselves contact me. I’ve had to turn some students away (I don’t teach Calculus), and every once in awhile I won’t hear back from a parent because they’re probably ‘shopping around’ for comparative hourly rates. I charge $35/hour and since the start-up fee was a once-per-year fee of 20 bucks, I had no problem deciding that the risk-reward was in my favor. Even if I got no students I’d only be out 20 bucks over a year. I wanted to make sure it was a yearly fee and NOT monthly, so I just emailed them real quick before signing up to be sure. They got back to me right away. So if you don’t tutor algebra or Spanish in my city (hehehe), I’d recommend They’re a good way to make some money if you’re a college student like me.” – Lacey E.

Tutor #4

“No problems with parents. And it's awesome that I'm NOT being forced to tutor subjects that I don’t want to teach. I pick up new students on a regular basis.” – Kevin P.

Tutor #5

“Excellent risk-reward is why I joined. If nobody contacts me I’m out a couple bucks. Big deal. But I’ve managed to secure 6 or 7 students with!! Have not had any problems with students not paying me either. I was worried about that at first, but not anymore.” – Yue N.

Tutor #6

“The staff who run the "Find a Tutor Network" website were very helpful in helping me set up my ‘Tutor Profile Page.’ I’m a mid 40’s housewife and have enjoyed the extra side money that F.A.T.N. has provided me. Excellent company.” – Sarah S.

Tutor #7

“This website is a must-use service if you’re interested in tutoring students! A+++ !!! My name is Brittney and I came across "Find a Tutor Network's" ad for tutoring positions on my college’s career services job site. I am currently a math/comp. sci. major in my sophomore year, and I was interested in earning some part-time money as a tutor. I’d been tutoring mathematics, up through college algebra for quite some time, and with this experience and a 3.2 GPA I figured I’d give it a shot. Since signing up only a few weeks ago, I now tutor a few people 3x a week — sometimes on campus, which is nice since I live on campus, and also off-campus in students’ homes or at Starbucks. I thought there’d be some “down time” after signing up, but not at all. The site has allowed me to go shopping more often and to not worry about running out of money. So, a special thanks to you guys from a “not-so-starving student.” Thanks again! You guys are an ‘A+++’ company!” – Brittney S.

Tutor #8


Tutor #9

“At first I was wondering why I had to pay 30 bucks to ‘get a job’, but really I was just paying about 2 dollars per month for jobs to find ME! I only tutor Latin and still I do quite well with!” – Robin T.

Tutor #10

“Great site. I pay my rent each month from my Part-time tutoring earnings. I recommend signing up. Definitely worth the money. I’m listed in a few other tutoring directories (some paid, some free), and "Find a Tutor Network" is by far the best. I like that all they get from you is the one-time $29.99 fee (I paid for the premium membership). I tutor several days per week unless I’m too busy with my own studies.” – Zachary P.

The following testimonials are unpaid reviews from satisfied parents and students who are pleased with our services.

Parent #1

“Our son Robert has Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), so we had to be very selective when choosing a tutor. Not only did we need a tutor for Robert’s 7th grade Algebra class, but we also wanted someone with experience working with students having ADD. Jennifer was perfect. She was able to help Robert with Algebra, but just as important, she served as an “Accountability Coach” of sorts, by keeping Robert focused and making him write out (and keep) his weekly assignments in all of his courses. Thank you so much for your services. We are still working with Jennifer. She is so nice and she is always on time.” – Sheila and Mark S.

Parent #2

“My daughter was struggling with Algebra 2 and we were able to find an excellent tutor using the "Find-a-Tutor Network" website. The tutor we contacted was very presentable, kind, and knowledgeable. She was very upfront with her hourly rate and she showed up on time on a weekly basis. We trusted her so much that after awhile we paid her in advance and she kept perfect track of her hours – paying her $40/hour every week was becoming tedious so we just wrote her a bigger check without hesitation. Sure enough, she guided our daughter from a low C grade to a B+/A- come Finals week. She finished the semester with an A-! We’ve recommended "Find-a-Tutor Network" to all of our neighbors. Thanks guys.” – Marianne T.

Student #1

“My name is Derrick and I’m 17 years old. My parents both work a lot so they gave me permission to get some tutoring for my senior Physics class. It was impossible so I needed help. I surfed the web and found All I had to do was choose my state, zip code, and the subject of Physics and a list of 4 Physics tutors popped up that lived nearby. I contacted only two of them and since their rates were both the same, I chose the one that was a guy. He has helped me a lot. When I first met Kyle, the tutor, I had a C+. I finished the semester with an A-. All my friends thought I was cheating, haha.” – Derrick W.

Parent #3

“Thank you 'Find a Tutor Network'!! Your site was soooo easy to use! I’m a stay-at-home Mom and while I’m home enough to work with my 3 kids on their homework, my eldest son (he’s 16) is beginning to need more help with his schoolwork than I can provide. He’s in AP European History and AP English and I simply couldn’t keep up with all of the reviews and essays and facts that he was required to learn and absorb. After freaking out for a bit, we found you guys! We especially like the fact that we can pay our tutor directly as if we’d found them ourselves. My husband and I kept finding these online sites where the agency was the “middle man”, but we figured that was a waste of money. You guys NOT only let us pay the tutor directly, but your site is easy to use and your tutors are great! Thank you much…” – Tanya R.

Parent #4

“Our tutor was always prompt, completely responsive to my son’s Algebra 2 and Chemistry needs, and available by text for sometimes same day tutoring. He connected well with our son and would help with homework, study guides, labs, and could guess what was going to be on an upcoming test. I highly recommend the Find a Tutor Network -- they were and continue to be an excellent source for my son in these two high school classes.” – Diane A.

Student #2

“I wasn’t even sure if I could find a music tutor online. But I was wrong. My tutor was a college student at Berklee School of Music in Boston, and was more than willing to meet me at a coffee shop in Cambridge by my high school (Sometimes we’d meet in Somerset). My parents gave me the cash to pay my tutor and after we were done with our 1.5 hours of tutoring each week, I just paid him his money. Pretty cool. When we weren’t going over music theory and we needed a place to play, we’d meet at his friend’s studio instead of the coffee shop – can’t exactly play music at Starbucks! This tutor was basically a genious! I didn’t know how insane it was to get into Berklee School of Music until after he was done tutoring me. Wow. Thanks F.A.T Network, and thanks for the quick email replies when I was first starting my tutor search. Without that, I probably would have gone somewhere else to find a tutor.” – Peter N.

Parent #5

“Having just moved to New Hampshire from out of state, we noticed our son’s academic level was below the existing NH standards. Gosh, the first week of school was so demoralizing for my son, and many tears were shed. Then we found an awesome tutor on the FindATutorNetwork website. Kudos!” – Julie R.

Parent #6

“Our son has never had confidence in Math, but now he considers himself a good Math student. I couldn’t be happier with the patience and kindness shown to him by his tutor – a tutor that we located in just a few minutes via the "Find a Tutor Network" website. Upon contacting the tutor for the first time, he emailed us back right away, within minutes! I appreciated that. The tutor is able to teach Math in a way such that my son can actually UNDERSTAND it. I would highly recommend your services. It’s been an excellent experience from start to finish.” – Marie E.

Student #3

"I've joined several sites similar to, but this one is leaps and bounds better than the others (way more "action" -- lots of contacts from potential parents and students). I can tutor when I've got free time, I get to make my own hours, and currently I'm charging $45/hour. Most of my tutees refer me to their friends as well, so this little part-time gig has just been growing from there. I like that I can just meet them wherever is the easiest -- Starbucks, the library, even Chipotle sometimes! For my younger students though, it's best to meet them at their residence (i.e. parents are there, which is cool)." - Sarah W.

Parent #7

“We've been using the "Find-a-Tutor Network" site for several years now -- we have 2 daughters who are now in college, and our son Sammy is a 15 year old sophomore. All 3 of our children have benefited from your tutors. We've found your website to be most useful in that we can just pay our tutors at the end of the tutoring sessions. So easy and so simple. There is (and was) never a need to pay any 'company' the tutoring fee -- just simply pay our tutors. Smart and quick. Thank you.” – Fusako, M.