Parent / Student FAQs

How do I contact a tutor?

Click on “Find a Tutor,” and enter your search criteria. Go through the list of potential tutors and find the one you like best. Feel free to contact more than one tutor. Once you find a suitable instructor, click “Contact this Tutor” on the tutor’s Profile Page. Fill out the contact form and click “send.” Upon doing so, the tutor will contact you directly and the two of you can discuss tutoring rates, hours, times, availability, etc. It’s that simple! Most tutors also include a phone number should you wish to contact a tutor by phone as well.

How qualified and experienced are the tutors?

The tutors in our directory are required to be college educated students. They only tutor subjects in which they have expertise and a genuine interest. For example, if you’re looking for a European History tutor, you’re going to be contacted by an instructor who has a degree relating to History as opposed to say, Chemistry.

Does it cost me anything to use "The Find a Tutor Network" when I search for tutors?

No. Accessing the Tutoring Directory and contacting tutors is absolutely free.

What are the hourly rates for tutoring sessions?

Each tutor sets his or her own hourly rate. Rates range from $20/hour and up, so we recommend that you view more than just one tutor *Profile Page* in order to get the best rate. We DO NOT take a percentage of what you pay the tutor, nor do we ever charge you any fees. In other words, tutors keep 100% of what you pay them. You pay the tutor directly. Our directory services are FREE of charge to you.

What grades and age levels do you tutor?

We have tutors that are qualified to work with students of all ages. Whether the student is a 5-year-old in kindergarten or a 27-year-old in graduate school, our database of more than 9000+ tutors is capable of accomodating all ages and all grade levels. Even if you’re a 48-year-old who wants to brush up on your Spanish before running with the bulls in Spain, we can help!

Do you have tutors that work with students having learning disabilities?

Yes. We have tutors that are certified and have a background in working with students of all ages having such disabilities as ADD, ADHD, and Dyslexia. Once you locate an instructor, you should check his or her *Profile Page* to see if the tutor has experience working with students having learning disabilities.

What if I don't like the tutor?

Interviewing your potential tutor over the phone or via email usually avoids this problem. However, if you feel you did not get anything out of the tutoring session, you can try asking for a refund (it’s up to the tutor). Because there are no long-term contracts to sign, if you wish to stop working with a tutor you can do so at any time. If this is the case, you can re-visit our tutor directory to locate another tutor.

Where are tutoring sessions held?

We recommend that the individualized, one-on-one tutoring sessions take place in the student’s own home, or perhaps a “place in common” such as a local library or coffee shop. This makes it easier on the parent/student because our tutors come to you! Occasionally our tutors will meet students outside of the home, such as a Starbucks or a nearby library.

What should I do if the tutor never gets back to me?

This is rare. Most of our tutors reply to student tutoring requests right away unless they are out sick or on vacation. If you have not heard from the tutor after 2-3 days, email us and we will contact the tutor ASAP and have him or her get back to you immediately.

Will I be able to re-schedule or cancel tutoring sessions?

Yes of course. Simply call and/or email your tutor and inform him or her that you need to re-schedule (or cancel) the tutoring session. It’s best to let the tutor know 24 hours in advance if you can.

What if it's late and my child needs emergency tutoring? Do you offer online tutoring via email, Skype, and/or IM?

While "The Find a Tutor Network" endorses individualized, in-person, one-on-one tutoring, online tutoring options are available. In the tutor’s *Profile Page*, you can check to see if the tutor has marked that he or she is available for online tutoring via email, Skype, face-time, or instant messanging (IM). It’s up to the parent/student and the tutor to decide which mechanism they will use for online tutoring.

Can two students share a tutoring session?

Generally speaking, yes. Inevitably it’s up to the tutor but two students in a single session is usually permitted. If it’s more than two students the tutor might want to charge you more money. We suggest asking your tutor this question up-front directly.

What if I need tutoring in a subject that's not offered by any tutors?

Email Us and we will add the subject to our “Subjects Offered” area on our website. Additionally, we will blast an email out to our entire tutor directory in an effort to help you locate a tutor.

How many tutors should I contact?

You may contact as many tutors as you’d like. Afterall, our site is FREE of charge to you so take advantage of it! Please feel free to share our site with family and friends who may be in need of a tutor as well.