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  • "We located an AP Bio tutor using and it was very easy. Jason V. was a god-send. Besides being a great tutor, he was very polite and always on time. Our son and Jason still text each other all the time. Our son passed his AP test with a 5, the highest score possible! It's nice to know my husband and I can find a tutor for Jason's future courses as well." - Debbie and John V.

    DEBBIE and JOHN V. -- Parents
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  • "Good part-time job to earn $$ if you're a college student like me - They don't take a cut of my hourly rate, which is awesome. Flexible work, good pay, fun too. I've been using the F.A.T. Network for a few months now and I have been happy with their service so far. My students always have their own study / review materials so it's nice to just show up, tutor, get paid by the mom/dad/student, and I'm out of there." - Jeffrey C.

    JEFFREY C. -- Tutor
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  • "My daughter spends half of her time at school, and the other half of her time on the Junior Nationals Volleyball team. She's very busy and misses a lot of school. Because she's always traveling on the national team, we thought we'd give your online (IM) services a try. Although Melissa only used a tutor for 2 months, she was able to stay on top of her classes even though she was absent quite a bit." - Nancy G.

    NANCY G. -- Parent
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  • "Where do I start? I love the 'Find a Tutor Network' because of all the subjects that I'm able to tutor. Also, they have good customer support - whenever I have questions about my Tutor Profile, my students, or anything at all, they email me back ASAP. The parents and kids who I've worked for have been very fun and easy to work with,and I've been able to tutor for quite a good PT income." - Lisa C.

    LISA C. -- Tutor
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  • "Eric, my 7th grader, utilized your tutoring services during the entire school year and as his mother I owe your Tutoring Services a debt of gratitude. His 7th grade marks were so much better than last year. Thank you so much. I've passed on your website info to all of my friends at my tennis club. Some of them have made contact with your tutors and are working with them now." - Robert M

    ROBERT M. -- Parent
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  • " is legit! My buddy had success tutoring through you guys so I decided to give you a shot as well. Signed up, built my Profile, then... nothing! BUT by the end of the 1st week I got my first parent contact, then another, and another! And those parents referred me to other parents. Haha, yes I'm that good. :-) Glad I joined; not sure if I'll re-up b/c I've got tons of students at this point." - Shawn L.

    SHAWN L. -- Tutor
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  • "FATN you guys rock. I was in a huge time crunch!!! I have two twin daughters, and they were both struggling in European History. They're like their father I guess: math and sciene minded. But Scott only charged his usual hourly rate of $25/hour while working with both of my twins at the same time. What a deal! And after we located Scott on your website, he was at our front door ready to tutor within 2 days!!" - Wendy T.

    WENDY T. -- Parent
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  • "FindATutor Network is WORTH IT - If you're up in the air about it, go for it. You won't regret it. Hopefully I'm not jinxing myself here, but I've had a decent amount of success using FindATutor Network to find students. Admittedly it did take about a week or so to get my first student, but that one student turned into three because now I tutor the first student's sister and her friend." - Tien H.

    TIEN H. -- Tutor
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